Buyer’s Guide: 5 Reasons to consider before you buy an indoor rower

If you want the best of both worlds i.e. cardio and strength training, an indoor rower is a must buy. Rowers are one of the very few cardio machines capable of working out the entire body unlike the spin bike or treadmill but buying a rower isn’t easy. You need to take into consideration a lot of factors since you’d be making a huge investment. Here are a few of those factors.

Frequency of usage

Spending around $500-$1000 is only valuable if you make the most of the equipment and unlike running or cycling rowing will require time and practice to learn unless you’re an actual rowing or have previously used an indoor rowing. Concept 2 Model D is probably the best rowing machine under $1000.

You can always get a few trial classes at a nearby gym. For effective results be consistent with the usage. We’d recommend working out at least 4 days in a week.

Storage space available

Before you buy an indoor rower do take a full measurement of your room because when in use the rowers tend to occupy quite a bit of space. For those with smaller spaces a hydraulic rower is ideal or else you’ll need a foldable rowing like the Concept2 Rower. With these rowing, you can further detach the railing to make extra room. Foldable rowers stand upright and thus are also easy to move from one room to the next when not in use.

indoor rower 1


With quality comes a higher price and if you’re looking for an absolute beast, put aside your budget concerns and go for the Concept2 Model D. It comes with all important features like PM5 monitor which displays all the workout-related info you’ll need, offers high durability and is easy to assemble but will cost you around $2000.

Most budget options will cost you $500 or lesser but the cheaper the cost the cheaper is the quality. These rowers lack features like a heart rate monitor, offer low durability and can be noisy when in use.


  • Magnetic rowers are some of the smoothest and soundless rowing machines Here resistance is created using electromagnets placed close to a flywheel. These rowers also come with adjustable handlebars and saddles and can also be folded making it easier to store.
  • With air rowing machines resistance increases as you rowing harder with the help of a flywheel which spins and creates resistance against the air flow. Maintenance and repair cost of these rowers is low and they are the easiest to use but are bulky, expensive and tend to be noisy.
  • If you’re in for a more realistic approach, then a water rower fits the bill. In these machines, resistance is built using a water tank and paddles that rotate against the water as you row. The more the water the higher is the resistance.

indoor rower 2

WaterRower machines are made using natural wood thus it blends into your home easily. The removable water tank makes it easier to store but like air rowers, water rowers too are costlier.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (UK)

Today, we are happy to announce our UK Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team! This team has recently formed up and under Exertus we are looking forward to seeing them in action at events in the near future!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Roster (UK)
Ryan ‘doXi‘ Young
Andrew ‘Rexplitee‘ Armitage
Jake ‘Edgarz‘ Edgar
Ryan ‘Redgarz‘ Edgar
Ryan ‘m1thy‘ Hatfield

Andrew Armitage
Q: For this year what are you hoping to achieve with Exertus and your team?
A: Hopefully to create a successful team within CSGO and to attend every LAN possible as a team. We aim to bring results and hoping for atleast a top10 finish at our first event.
Ryan Young
Q: As a captain can you explain what you have to do ingame and how do you come with up with strats after games?
A: My role in the team is the in-game leader. It is my job to give my teammates instructions on what to do during a round and before a round so we are in a better position to win the game.
I make up lots of strategies by myself, but I also take a look at other teams for good ideas and improve on them.

Jake Edgar
Q: As you attended events in the past, what events are you looking forward to attending this year?
A: Every event we can attend! epic.18 is going to be our first LAN together under Exertus though, so I’m definitely excited for that! The event itself from what I’ve heard is a great crack as well, in as well as out of game.

Ryan Hatfield
Q: Who do you think are the best team within Europe right now and why?
A: Obviously Exertus , on a serious note I think Fnatic is the obvious choice but I would also say Luminosity and Na’Vi are close on their tail. With Guardian and Flamie going completely off and rest of the team setting them up to succeed they are in a really good spot and for Luminosity I think Fallens calls are on another level along with coldzera’s insane carry potential both teams could easily be Number 1.

Ryan Edgar
Q: In your short time within Exertus, what do you particularly enjoy about the organisation?
A: The amount of support I have recieved from the organisation, along with the support of our manager. Great people that in the organisation, I have enjoyed my time here.

Quote from captain on joining Exertus:

“Play skillfully. Play smart. Focus. Never give up.
Stay consistent, don’t change your settings. Everyone has their off days.
Exceed your level.”

Exertus | Counter Strike (Female)

Today, we are happy to announce our Female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team! This team have recently formed up and under Exertus they are already proving to be a great team under us. You will be seeing them at the IEM Katowice event in March where they be competing for $30,000.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Roster (Female)
Lisa ‘Shifty‘ Catino
Kelly ‘KllyVe‘ Verhaegen
Gina ‘JinJin‘ Kleinen
Liliane ‘Layla‘ Zimmermann
Ivelina ‘HellRose‘ Danova
Lisa Catino
Q: What made you and your team want to join Exertus?
A: Yeah well, previously we played for CM Storm but unfortunately we needed to separate after around one year working together and so we needed to look for a new organization. A good friend of mine told me about Exertus and their new projects so he hooked me up with Sammy the Esports Manager of Exertus. The decision went really fast, we had a quick talk about our expectations of each other. So both sides agreed about the idea that this could become a good Esports cooperation.
Kelly Verhaegen
Q: With your top placements at some previous events you have attended, what event would you say is the best event you have attended?
A: I personally  like 2 events, the first one is Copenhagen Games… I like this event because  there is no online qualifier needed to attend this LAN so you can meet new teams and players and that’s always nice. The second one is Intel Challenge Katowice because it is the biggest female counter-strike event at the moment and it’s such a nice experience to play there, it has everything a gamer wants.
Gina Kleinen
Q: Could you explain in small terms what each role is called and what is expected from that role in game?
A: So the most important role of the Team has HellRose. She is the In-game leader of the Team and leading us through all matches. Shifty is the Team captain. She is doing the important frags of the round and tries to support us where she can. Kelly is used to be the mad fragger and AWP player. Layla is our most important supporter. She’s throwing all important nades, because she can! My role is switching between AWP and Rifle.
Liliane Zimmermann
Q: Who do you think are the best team within Europe right now and why?
A: In my opinion it’s really difficult to say who’s going to be the best team this year. There are a lot of teams which has been mixed up or which has been changing their roster since a while and I’m really excited to see them perform at the upcoming Katowice tournament.
Ivelina Danova (Captain of team)
Q: As you became the captain of the team in recent days, what are your expectations for the team in the next few months?
A: We are going to practice really hard and prove that we can be one of the best female teams in Europe.
Quote from captain on joining Exertus:
“Hard work the faith to achieve something and the motivation of each individual is what makes us!”

Exertus | Call of Duty (Youth)

Today, we are happy to announce our new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 roster. We have built the roster to cater our future vision within the Call of Duty scene. We feel that it is vital to be supporting the younger generation of Call of Duty as they will be the future of eSports.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Roster (Youth)

Alex “HaLLy” Hall
Jed “Detain” Mulcahy
Joseph “Gismo” Evans
Bjarne “Denza” Sleebus

Alex Hall
Q: In your short time within Exertus, what do you particularly enjoy about the organisation?
A: In comparison to the other organisations, I particularly enjoy how professionally everything is handled. The organisation and the team are always talking and discussing things so everyone is on the same page with what is going on and nothing that relates to us is kept a secret.

Jed Mulcahy
Q: What made you pick up both Gismo and Denza after the departure of Nathan and BeanBag?
A: The main reason behind picking up Denza was due to the fact that we were primarily focused on attended European events as opposed to UK events. This is a ground that Denza is very experienced in and we hope that he can bring a few of his own perks to the team. With Gismo, we’ve seen that he knows how to play the game very well but he has not had the right players around him for him to be able to prove himself, which we hope to change. Giving people chances is always a good thing as I have done so previously with players such as Revolt and it has proven to have paid off for myself and others.

Joseph Evans
Q: What’s the most important thing to you when building a new team?
A: The most important thing to me when building a new team is that we build on our chemistry. A successful team always have great chemistry. After that, everyone on the team must be willing to improve individually and as a team. We all must be willing to put in the time to grind together with our aim to win events.

Bjarne Sleebus
Q: What do you aim to achieve under Exertus during the Black Ops 3 season?
A: We as a team, want to win! Which is why we’re all going to try extremely hard this season. We will be attending a number of French events to get our names out there a little more. Every event I attend, I always look to place first and that is what we are all going to try and accomplish. Our first event will be SFCO and we hope to produce the goods there and at any other event we may attend.

Alex, the Team Captain of the Call of Duty squad also had this to say:
I appreciate the opportunity that Exertus have given us to represent them given the circumstance of this year’s age rating at most LAN events. There isn’t much any organisation could gain out of supporting a younger team in terms of exposure in comparison to the COD World League. However, they believe that the youth needs to have a stable set up around them and to gain any experience possible. I believe this will benefit them more in the long run as opposed to short term as they will have developed whatever talent comes through. It’s very rare for any organisation to pick up a team that are under the age of 18 but I strongly believe that more organisations should be following suit. With the lack of events for us, it isn’t an ask financially if you compare it to the scale of events this year which are mostly open to teams above the age of 18. Also, having these players for the future is good for maintaining the talent in later years!

Our New Partners // Arma Centrum

As most Exertus fans may now be aware, all our future eSports gaming jerseys and other apparel will be designed and supplied by our amazingly talented new partners ArmaCentrum. We pride ourselves on representing the Exertus brand and advertising our partners when our teams attend LAN events, and now have the capacity to do so even more. With the talent behind the scenes at Arma Centrum and the designers they have on board we are very excited about future products we’ll have available on our team store. For those who don’t know much about them, here’s a brief introduction to what they do.

“Arma Centrum was founded in 2014 when a gap in the market appeared for an apparel company within the esports industry that was truly customer focused. Instead of focusing on profit, they focused on quality in both the materials and process so that end product is 100% customer satisfaction, and truly great products that are worthy of the huge arenas that esports now occupies. We constantly strive to produce the highest quality goods and services possible. We have brought together some of the brightest minds to create a brand that is not only customer orientated but also incredibly efficient and dynamic. The individuals that form Arma Centrum were head hunted in order to create what we strongly believe is the most formidable and dedicated collection of people within our industry. Our team, combined with a friendly service from real people is what sets us apart from our competitors. In less than a year we’ve become the face of premium esports apparel and products, and we’re just getting warmed up”.

With all that said, it’s with great delight we start this new partnership which allows us to further represent the Exertus brand. All our apparel will be available very soon from their website with new and exciting designs. All that’s left now is to ask, are you #PreparedForBattle