SFCO Halo 1: 2nd Place
SFCO Halo 2: 1st Place
Insomnia 54: 2nd Place
WC Qualifiers: 5th – 8th Place

Call of Duty
EGL 13 Blackpool: 2nd Place (Rated, Reedy, Endura, Robz) – £1250
Gfinity Open 2015: 3rd Place (Rated, Lewis, Qwiker, Melon) – £1500
Am2Pro 2 Blackpool: 2nd Place (Bance, Nathan, Desire, Vortex) – £2000
EGL 14 Blackpool: 3rd Place (Bance, Nathan, Desire, Vortex) – £1000
SFCO: 3rd Place (Hally, Detain, Gismo, Denz) – £400
EGL 15 Blackpool: 5th/6th (Watson, Desire, Dqvee, Carbines) – £900
Qualified EU CWL Season 2 (Watson, Desire, Dqvee, Carbines)
Gamers Assembly – 2nd (Hally, Detain, Zerg, Defrag) – £1000

League of Legends
MOBAFIRE CC April: 3rd Place
MOBAFIRE CC May: 2nd Place
MOBAFIRE CC June: 1st Place
MOBAFIRE CC July: 4th Place
ESL UK Premiership: 4th Place

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
King of Nordic represented Sweden