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Exertus Releases CS:GO Team

2nd May 2014 6:11am Exertus eSports

Exertus Releases CS:GO Team

Exertus eSports regrets to announce a parting of the ways with its current CSGO team. Although the team has displayed exceptional loyalty to the organization and certainly achieved some impressive results during its tenure, of late a constant string of personal and in-game issues has driven performance down below the line that we would expect from them- and that they would expect from themselves. The team's captain, Erik "Fl0m" Flom had the following to say about the development:

"We would like to thank Exertus for everything they've done for our team, unfortunately our performance has worsened recently due to a shaky roster and we all feel that this is the right decision."

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the players on the team, both for their efforts and their loyalty, and we wish them the very best of luck in future.


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  • Sloth

    5th May 2014 3:46am

    Sad to see it being disbanded but it's probably for the best. Good luck to all the players.

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