Counter Strike: Global Offensive (UK)

Today, we are happy to announce our UK Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team! This team has recently formed up and under Exertus we are looking forward to seeing them in action at events in the near future!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Roster (UK)
Ryan ‘doXi‘ Young
Andrew ‘Rexplitee‘ Armitage
Jake ‘Edgarz‘ Edgar
Ryan ‘Redgarz‘ Edgar
Ryan ‘m1thy‘ Hatfield

Andrew Armitage
Q: For this year what are you hoping to achieve with Exertus and your team?
A: Hopefully to create a successful team within CSGO and to attend every LAN possible as a team. We aim to bring results and hoping for atleast a top10 finish at our first event.
Ryan Young
Q: As a captain can you explain what you have to do ingame and how do you come with up with strats after games?
A: My role in the team is the in-game leader. It is my job to give my teammates instructions on what to do during a round and before a round so we are in a better position to win the game.
I make up lots of strategies by myself, but I also take a look at other teams for good ideas and improve on them.

Jake Edgar
Q: As you attended events in the past, what events are you looking forward to attending this year?
A: Every event we can attend! epic.18 is going to be our first LAN together under Exertus though, so I’m definitely excited for that! The event itself from what I’ve heard is a great crack as well, in as well as out of game.

Ryan Hatfield
Q: Who do you think are the best team within Europe right now and why?
A: Obviously Exertus , on a serious note I think Fnatic is the obvious choice but I would also say Luminosity and Na’Vi are close on their tail. With Guardian and Flamie going completely off and rest of the team setting them up to succeed they are in a really good spot and for Luminosity I think Fallens calls are on another level along with coldzera’s insane carry potential both teams could easily be Number 1.

Ryan Edgar
Q: In your short time within Exertus, what do you particularly enjoy about the organisation?
A: The amount of support I have recieved from the organisation, along with the support of our manager. Great people that in the organisation, I have enjoyed my time here.

Quote from captain on joining Exertus:

“Play skillfully. Play smart. Focus. Never give up.
Stay consistent, don’t change your settings. Everyone has their off days.
Exceed your level.”

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