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Today, we are happy to announce our new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 roster. We have built the roster to cater our future vision within the Call of Duty scene. We feel that it is vital to be supporting the younger generation of Call of Duty as they will be the future of eSports.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Roster (Youth)

Alex “HaLLy” Hall
Jed “Detain” Mulcahy
Joseph “Gismo” Evans
Bjarne “Denza” Sleebus

Alex Hall
Q: In your short time within Exertus, what do you particularly enjoy about the organisation?
A: In comparison to the other organisations, I particularly enjoy how professionally everything is handled. The organisation and the team are always talking and discussing things so everyone is on the same page with what is going on and nothing that relates to us is kept a secret.

Jed Mulcahy
Q: What made you pick up both Gismo and Denza after the departure of Nathan and BeanBag?
A: The main reason behind picking up Denza was due to the fact that we were primarily focused on attended European events as opposed to UK events. This is a ground that Denza is very experienced in and we hope that he can bring a few of his own perks to the team. With Gismo, we’ve seen that he knows how to play the game very well but he has not had the right players around him for him to be able to prove himself, which we hope to change. Giving people chances is always a good thing as I have done so previously with players such as Revolt and it has proven to have paid off for myself and others.

Joseph Evans
Q: What’s the most important thing to you when building a new team?
A: The most important thing to me when building a new team is that we build on our chemistry. A successful team always have great chemistry. After that, everyone on the team must be willing to improve individually and as a team. We all must be willing to put in the time to grind together with our aim to win events.

Bjarne Sleebus
Q: What do you aim to achieve under Exertus during the Black Ops 3 season?
A: We as a team, want to win! Which is why we’re all going to try extremely hard this season. We will be attending a number of French events to get our names out there a little more. Every event I attend, I always look to place first and that is what we are all going to try and accomplish. Our first event will be SFCO and we hope to produce the goods there and at any other event we may attend.

Alex, the Team Captain of the Call of Duty squad also had this to say:
I appreciate the opportunity that Exertus have given us to represent them given the circumstance of this year’s age rating at most LAN events. There isn’t much any organisation could gain out of supporting a younger team in terms of exposure in comparison to the COD World League. However, they believe that the youth needs to have a stable set up around them and to gain any experience possible. I believe this will benefit them more in the long run as opposed to short term as they will have developed whatever talent comes through. It’s very rare for any organisation to pick up a team that are under the age of 18 but I strongly believe that more organisations should be following suit. With the lack of events for us, it isn’t an ask financially if you compare it to the scale of events this year which are mostly open to teams above the age of 18. Also, having these players for the future is good for maintaining the talent in later years!

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