Exertus | Counter Strike (Female)

Today, we are happy to announce our Female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team! This team have recently formed up and under Exertus they are already proving to be a great team under us. You will be seeing them at the IEM Katowice event in March where they be competing for $30,000.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Roster (Female)
Lisa ‘Shifty‘ Catino
Kelly ‘KllyVe‘ Verhaegen
Gina ‘JinJin‘ Kleinen
Liliane ‘Layla‘ Zimmermann
Ivelina ‘HellRose‘ Danova
Lisa Catino
Q: What made you and your team want to join Exertus?
A: Yeah well, previously we played for CM Storm but unfortunately we needed to separate after around one year working together and so we needed to look for a new organization. A good friend of mine told me about Exertus and their new projects so he hooked me up with Sammy the Esports Manager of Exertus. The decision went really fast, we had a quick talk about our expectations of each other. So both sides agreed about the idea that this could become a good Esports cooperation.
Kelly Verhaegen
Q: With your top placements at some previous events you have attended, what event would you say is the best event you have attended?
A: I personally  like 2 events, the first one is Copenhagen Games… I like this event because  there is no online qualifier needed to attend this LAN so you can meet new teams and players and that’s always nice. The second one is Intel Challenge Katowice because it is the biggest female counter-strike event at the moment and it’s such a nice experience to play there, it has everything a gamer wants.
Gina Kleinen
Q: Could you explain in small terms what each role is called and what is expected from that role in game?
A: So the most important role of the Team has HellRose. She is the In-game leader of the Team and leading us through all matches. Shifty is the Team captain. She is doing the important frags of the round and tries to support us where she can. Kelly is used to be the mad fragger and AWP player. Layla is our most important supporter. She’s throwing all important nades, because she can! My role is switching between AWP and Rifle.
Liliane Zimmermann
Q: Who do you think are the best team within Europe right now and why?
A: In my opinion it’s really difficult to say who’s going to be the best team this year. There are a lot of teams which has been mixed up or which has been changing their roster since a while and I’m really excited to see them perform at the upcoming Katowice tournament.
Ivelina Danova (Captain of team)
Q: As you became the captain of the team in recent days, what are your expectations for the team in the next few months?
A: We are going to practice really hard and prove that we can be one of the best female teams in Europe.
Quote from captain on joining Exertus:
“Hard work the faith to achieve something and the motivation of each individual is what makes us!”

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