Our New Partners // Arma Centrum

As most Exertus fans may now be aware, all our future eSports gaming jerseys and other apparel will be designed and supplied by our amazingly talented new partners ArmaCentrum. We pride ourselves on representing the Exertus brand and advertising our partners when our teams attend LAN events, and now have the capacity to do so even more. With the talent behind the scenes at Arma Centrum and the designers they have on board we are very excited about future products we’ll have available on our team store. For those who don’t know much about them, here’s a brief introduction to what they do.

“Arma Centrum was founded in 2014 when a gap in the market appeared for an apparel company within the esports industry that was truly customer focused. Instead of focusing on profit, they focused on quality in both the materials and process so that end product is 100% customer satisfaction, and truly great products that are worthy of the huge arenas that esports now occupies. We constantly strive to produce the highest quality goods and services possible. We have brought together some of the brightest minds to create a brand that is not only customer orientated but also incredibly efficient and dynamic. The individuals that form Arma Centrum were head hunted in order to create what we strongly believe is the most formidable and dedicated collection of people within our industry. Our team, combined with a friendly service from real people is what sets us apart from our competitors. In less than a year we’ve become the face of premium esports apparel and products, and we’re just getting warmed up”.

With all that said, it’s with great delight we start this new partnership which allows us to further represent the Exertus brand. All our apparel will be available very soon from their website armacentrum.com with new and exciting designs. All that’s left now is to ask, are you #PreparedForBattle

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