5 Tennis Techniques You Need to Learn and Why


More than 87 million people in the world right now play tennis. So, how do you ensure that you’re the best tennis player you can be?

Do you want to strengthen your tennis game?

Check out these top tennis techniques that you should learn.

  1. Serving Techniques

To start off, you’ll need to ensure that your tennis serving techniques are on point. You’ll need to coordinate your timing, so that your ball toss and your racket movement are perfectly in sync.

Keep your eyes on the ball when you’re making the serve. Be very careful about how your body moves when you’re trying to serve.

  1. Forehand Techniques

If the front of your hand is facing your opponent, that’s called a forehand stroke. Most players hit a forehand stroke with just one arm. The most important part of forehand techniques is to utilize topspin. 

You’ll also need to manage your grip very carefully when you’re making forehand shots. Practice different types of grips, and see which one allows you the best control of the racket.

The most common grips used for forehand shots are the semi-western grip and the eastern forehand grip.

Do you want to ensure that you have the perfect forehand shot? Do plenty of research, and practice as much as you possibly can.

  1. Slice

A slice shot is sort of like a backhand shot, but faster and closer to the ground. You’ll usually make a slice shot with your dominant hand, but you can mix it up if you need to do so.

You make a slice shot by making a diagonal motion with the racket. You also need to practice different amounts of backspin when you’re making a slice shot.

If you perfect the amount of backspin, the ball will land closer to the ground, and it will be more difficult for your opponent to return the shot.

  1. Backhand Shots

You’ll want to perfect your single and double backhand shots while you’re trying to improve your tennis game.

For a single backhand shot, you’ll need to be able to switch between different grips very quickly. Manage your swing, so that you’ll be able to control the speed of your ball, especially when you’re starting out. 

For a two-handed backhand, ensure that your hands are close together on the racket. Keep your footwork light when you’re trying out your two-handed backhand.

  1. Volley

A good volley is an important part of keeping a tennis game going.

The key to a volley is to hit the ball when it’s directly in front of you, and to hit it square-on. You don’t want the ball the veer to the side.

You’ll want to keep your backswing limited when you’re attempting a volley.

Try Out These Tennis Techniques ASAP

With these tennis techniques, you’ll be winning matches left and right. All you’ll need is a little bit of practice.

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