Boolean Logic: Morgan Christie Redefines Strength and Vulnerability through Sports and Life Experiences

Morgan Christie’s upcoming collection of autobiographical essays, Boolean Logic, is a powerful testament to the idea that our life experiences fundamentally shape who we become. Through personal narratives, Christie addresses themes related to sports and social awareness, offering readers a glimpse into her world and the profound insights she has gained along her journey.

Within Boolean Logic, the autobiographical essay “ISO” exposes a pivotal episode in Christie’s life, wherein she confronted her deeply entrenched pride and reluctance to embrace support. In the world of basketball, “ISO” signifies a play where one player goes one-on-one with their defender, often showcasing their strength and independence. In Christie’s case, she was grappling with a toxic mindset she had not fully recognized at the time.

“ISO” begins with the story of a camping trip when she was just thirteen years old, during which she was nursing a knee injury sustained in a recent basketball tournament. Initially, she had underestimated the severity of her injury, but as the camping trip progressed, the pain in her knee became increasingly unbearable.

Christie’s upbringing in a family of athletes had instilled in her the belief that strength and resilience were not obstacles but rites of passage. With that perspective, Christie rejected offers of assistance from her teacher and fellow campers while grappling with excruciating knee pain, which had turned walking into a formidable challenge.

The turning point of her journey came when she encountered an insurmountable obstacle along the trail. Her knee ached with pain as she attempted to navigate the hurdle. It was her teacher who uttered the words that shifted her perspective, saying, “It’s not an ISO.”

Christie’s decision to accept help from her teacher and fellow campers marked a significant moment of enlightenment. It was the day she understood that leaning on others didn’t diminish her strength or toughness; rather, it emphasized her resilience and humanity.

Through works such as “ISO,” Christie encourages readers to ponder the intricate equilibrium between pride, strength, and the significance of embracing assistance from others.

Boolean Logic is a collection that delves into matters frequently overshadowed in the past. This upcoming release, slated for November, assures to be a deeply reflective journey into the intricacies of the human experience while also detailing her experiences with racism, gender inequality, politics, discrimination, and other injustices. It is a collection that encourages people to examine their beliefs and attitudes while appreciating the power of personal narratives to shape our understanding of the world.

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Nbc/Wxii interview: Triad author Morgan Christie talks new book releasing November 14

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