Is Golf Exercise? 3 Health Benefits of Golfing


Many people think of golf as a mental game. Mental training in skills like focus, trust, composure, and confidence plays a big part in any player’s development. 

Consider that it’s largely a mental game, is golf exercise? Compared to a sport like soccer, it may not seem like it. Golf, however, does have a physical side. 

To find out what kind of exercise is involved in golf, keep reading below. 

  1. Exercise from Walking

The best way to get more exercise from the game is to stop using golf carts. An 18-hole golf course will have you walking between 3 to 6 miles. Every golf course varies, so you can wear a pedometer to measure exactly how much walking is involved at your local golf course.

Walking is a low-impact exercise, which makes it ideal for the elderly or people with health issues. Even a daily, ten-minute walk can have lasting, positive health effects. For the best results, try to walk at a brisk pace of 3 miles an hour.

To get the most out of walking while golfing, make sure to wear the right shoes, put on some sunscreen, bring plenty of water, and consider bringing a hat or some snacks. 

  1. Exercise for Coordination

One of the most important skills in golf is hand-eye coordination. Swinging the club at exactly the right angle to hit exactly the right spot requires excellent coordination. 

Things like balance, reflex, and coordination decline with age, which is why golf makes an excellent sport for older adults. To keep upright, our system has to integrate information from our vision, joints, and ear canals. As the body ages, these systems take damage and this integration process is not as efficient. 

The risk of falling is a serious concern for the elderly, so the coordination exercise involved in golfing can help reduce that risk. Exercising your coordination strengthens your core, which can also help treat back pain.

  1. Exercise from Strength Training 

A full golf bag can weigh as much as 30 pounds, possibly more. Carrying that as you traverse miles of a golf course is a great strength training exercise. 

Strength training is any variety of physical exercises that target the body’s strength or endurance. Carrying a heavy golf bag will target all the muscles of the upper body. If your golf course has hills, as they typically do, your lower body will also experience strength training. 

Make sure to get the right golf bag to minimize damage to your back. You can shop here to find the right one.

How to Get More Golf Exercise

Golf exercise is not as intense as what other sports require. It’s not an ideal option for someone looking for a high-intensity workout, but it could be perfect for a person with health issues. It allows you to keep your body active without pushing you to your limit.

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