The Basic Rules of Paintball

The beauty of paintball is in the mixture of excitement and adrenaline rush, without the risk of getting hurt. 

Everyone must be on the same page in order to have a good paintball game, regardless of their degree of expertise. To get the most out of your paintball session and ensure that everyone has a good time, it’s a good idea to briefly review the regulations before each game.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with the rules of paintball, no worries. You’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of how to play paintball, and the different paintball rules you’ll need to follow.

Rules of Paintball 101: Setting Game Boundaries

Before any game starts, go around the field and make sure everyone who will be playing knows exactly where the limits are.

Make certain that the size of your playing area is just right. To play three on three, a 150-yard field is ideal. However, if you have 16 people, you’ll need additional space.

Begin from opposite ends of the field and try to keep them from seeing each other if feasible. A speedball track with no trees or bushes will not allow you to do this.

Identify the Staging Area and Dead Zone

Make sure everyone knows where the “dead zone” is located to prevent any misunderstanding.

The dead zone is an area of the playing field that may only be accessed once a player has been eliminated from the game. Paintball gear and paint may often be found here by players who are waiting to play another game.

Allowing players to clean their masks off the field without the danger of being hit by those remaining on the field is essential.

Know the Objective of Your Paintball Game

Keep everyone in the loop on what the game’s objective is.

Does your game revolve around a simple elimination process? What about a flag capture or a flag centering strategy? Any additional rules or goals should be made very clear.

A game that drags on interminably with neither side making any progress is boring for everyone involved. Make in mind that protracted games aren’t entertaining for players who quit early, so keep them short and quick.

When both teams have arrived at their respective starting points, the game may begin. It starts when one team declares that they are ready, the other replies, and then the first team yells “Game On.” 

You can also check out the best paintball teams in the world for some inspiration. 

Establish Rules for Hits

If a paintball leaves a nickel-sized mark on a player’s body or equipment, the player has been struck. Others don’t count gun hits or need numerous shots on limbs and legs in certain paintball variants.

Even if a person or their equipment is “struck,” it is still counted as a loss in most professional fields and competitions.

Many times splatter happens in paintball games when a paintball doesn’t shatter but bounces off of a nearby surface and hits a player, however, this doesn’t count as a hit until a solid mark on the player has formed.

It is possible to request a paint check if you suspect you got struck but are unable to determine the source of the impact (for example, you believe your back got struck but cannot determine whether the ball broke). When you yell “paint check,” the player nearest to you will come and perform a check on you.

Everyone returns to their old positions and the game resumes when the player who started the paint check screams “game on!” if you are struck. Otherwise, you will have to leave the field.

When a player is hit, they must immediately leave the field for the dead area, hoist their pistol above their head, and yell “I’ve been struck!”. Whenever you encounter new players, be sure to keep your rifle up over your head and cry “I’ve got hit!”

How to Win Paintball

Everyone remaining on the field should be informed when one team has fulfilled the required objectives. Masks should not be removed until all loaded firearms have been protected by barrel plugs or barrel coverings.

After playing a game, go to a different kind of objective and repeat the process.

How to Play Paintball Safely

Paintball safety is of paramount importance, and this is reflected in the most stringent of the paintball regulations.

If you use the right safety gear and follow the guidelines, you’ll have a minimal chance of being hurt.

Eye Protection is Key

The mask rule is one of the few paintball regulations that must be strictly adhered to at all times. Up to 300 feet per second is the maximum speed for paintballs (roughly 200 MPH).

That’s enough kinetic energy to injure your eye seriously. Only paintball-specific eye protection will suffice. Wearing goggles or shooting glasses to protect your eyes is not sufficient.

Barrel Cover

The barrel cover is also an important safety feature that all players should be aware of. When you’re not using your paintball gun, a barrel cover keeps the barrel protected from the elements by covering the barrel.

If the pistol unintentionally fires, the paintball will land on it. The elastic rope on the barrel cover is utilized to hold the barrel cover firmly in place. If the cable looks to be overly long, adjust the barrel cover’s tightness.

Protective Clothing

When playing paintball, it’s crucial to wear the right gear. Close-up hits might harm your skin if you’re not dressed appropriately.

In addition, it will give some protection while you sprint about the field throughout the game. Consider layering your clothing while it’s chilly outside.

Overdressing is a common problem among soccer players. One hefty layer is preferable to many layers of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Rental paintball jumpsuits are widely available at most paintball venues. In addition to protecting you from the elements, the jumpsuit will keep your apparel clean. As an added bonus, wearing a jumpsuit will keep the dirt and paint off your clothes and off of your car while you work.

Playing and Enjoying Paintball: Explained

Trying out a new game, especially one as rigorous as paintball, can truly open so many avenues of fun and entertainment. Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on the rules of paintball, so that you can create your teams and start playing. 

And, if you’re looking for gaming inspiration, you should check out our lifestyle section for all of our additional tips and guides.

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