What are the rules of pickleball

What are the rules of pickleball?

Pickleball is becoming a very popular game. It has already become the favourite sport of many people. What is pickleball? It is a sport that is widely referred to as a blend of badminton, table tennis, and lawn tennis. No matter which option you choose, Talbot Tennis can get the job done.

Use of a paddle and a wiffle is involved in a pickleball game. The length of a pickleball net is a couple of inches lower than a tennis net. This sport is meant for people from all age groups and skill levels.

It is simple to learn pickleball, and it has an exciting and warm culture and community of people.  If you want to play

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Things you require to have before you can play

  1. A pickleball paddle
  2. A net
  3. A court
  4. A pickleball
  5. Pickleball kit

What are the rules of this game?

  1. The players have to take underhand serve in pickleball

To begin a point in pickleball, the serving players have to serve underhand, meaning that the players makes contact with the pickleball under their waist, with the top of the pickleball paddles beneath their waist. The ball should go to the crosscourt into the opposite serving zone, that is the area between the non-volley zone line and the baseline.

  1. Be careful of the non-volley zone or kitchen line

The non-volley zone is about 14 feet in the middle of the pickleball court, expanding 7 feet on either side of the net. You might not volley or hit the ball in the air with no bounce when touching the non-volley zone. Touching the non-volley zone means dropping your paddle or hat into the non-volley zone, standing inside the non-volley zone, or letting your motion take you into the non-volley zone after you hit the ball out of the non-volley zone.

  1. Both the serve and return of serve should bounce

Both serve, and the return of serve should bounce in a pickleball game. It is known as the 2-bounce or 3-hit rule in pickleball. Either player or team might volley the pickleball following the serve and return of serve. In simple terms, after the serve and return of serve, either player or team might hit the ball either in the air or following a bounce.

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