Why You Should Be Definitely Watching The Canadian Football League?

Enough attention to the NFL! Give the Canadian Football League a chance, and we promise you’d never had enough. 

If you are a die-hard football fan, there isn’t much going on around. The National Football League is still months to return, and other games around are anything but football. Today, nobody wants to watch meaningless games. After a huge gap of more than 2 years, football enthusiasts are now craving to watch some entertaining and thrilling games that count. 

Good news for you! Just north of the U.S. border and you can indulge in a football league that is bubbling with passion and enthusiasm. It’s the Canadian Football League. Running successfully for 63 seasons, the league is played for approximately 21 weeks. In 2022, CFL will start on 9th June and continue till 20th November. Check the CFL 2022 Schedule on Surprise Sports.

So, if you want to enjoy an exhilarating football league, then this is it. Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t miss watching a Canadian Football League. 

The Players Simply Love The Game And Play With Passion 

When football matches are smeared by the desire to make more money, the excitement level for audiences falls. However, at CFL, you’ll see that the players are playing with their full vigor and passion. Their love for football is evident from their gameplay, strategies, and the effort they give to win a match. 

The result? A simple and refreshing experience that keeps you engaged throughout the game. 

The Length Of The Season 

With the National Football League, it seems the season ends too quickly and you will be craving for more. But CFL seasons last longer, giving football lovers their fair share of this exciting league. In each season, every team will play 18 regular games, followed by playoffs to determine the winner. Typically, the league begins in June and continues through November. So, it’s a 5-month league that will keep you engaged for a long. 

This year, the league schedule has been reduced to 14 games – coping up with the long gap and returning this year after 2019.    

The Rules Aren’t The Same As NFL 

The Canadian Football League is quite similar to the NFL’s rules of the game. However, certain differences make it more fun and interesting. For instance, there will be 12 players on the field unlike 11 players in an NFL game. In CFL, players need 3 downs to kick a field goal, score, or make a first down. In NFL, they need 4 downs. 

Additionally, CFL fields are also much wider (65 yards) and longer (110 yards) than NFL fields. The endzones are 20 yards deeper and the goalposts are right in front of the endzones. Overall, these rules make the game more interesting. 

CFL Live Streaming 

If you can’t make it to the CFL, you can watch it live on your TV. You can enjoy CFL live streaming on Fire TV and Apple TV with ESPN+. Selected games will be streamed on ESPN News, ROKU, and ESPN 2. 


If you are wondering where to indulge in some real football fun, then give CFL a chance. And hopefully, you will fall in love with this game.     

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